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12 april

ReceptSkapad av Karin Häggström tis, april 12, 2011 14:15:36

Hallo my friends. Sorry, for the delay. Here comes the recipe I promise you.


Make meal out of.

200 milliliters almonds

200 ml coconut flakes

150 ml linseeds

100 ml sesame seed

150 ml sunflower seed

200 ml cashews

You have pictures of all the ingridient above. The last picture is the meal.

Put all ingridient in a mixer, exept 50 ml of the linseed, and mix it together. When you have mix it put in the last 50 ml of the linseed.

Take 300 ml of the meal together with

3 eggs

1 teespoon baking powder

2 ml salt.

Put baking paper on a baking sheet . Pour the mixture on the baking sheet and spread it out very thin. Bake it for about 15 min in 175°. Take out and cut in slices put it in the owen again for about 1 hour in 50-75° until its dry.

This is a "bread" that we, gastric bypass operated, can eat and it contains much protein for us.

Hope you understand what i mean and I also hope that this biscuites will taste you.

Have a nice day.


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